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The quickest possible way to have answer for your sales questions is to contact one of our sales representative via Live Chat button at the bottom-right corner of the page or by calling at the phone numbers below. Our sales representatives would be glad to assist you in sales related questions from 9 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Saturday (GMT+5:30 time zone). During the off-timings, you are most welcome to use the contact page to send us your questions.

Phone and Fax Contacts

  • Phone: +91-181-461-3940 (Landline)
  • Phone: +91-981-584-3940 (Mobile)
  • Our time zone: GMT+5:30

General FAQ

We have a pretty extensive online collection of frequently asked questions about our knowledge base software and the ordering process. We are quite sure that you would be able to find answers for most of your questions there. If we're missing something, please let us know using the contact page.

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We have improved our Knowledge base. Our Knowledge Base contains answers to commonly asked questions, technical articles, and product tutorials. The online Knowledge Base search allows you to find answers fast using keyword searches. Simply enter the text you are looking for in the space provided below and click "Go". The results of your search will be listed below.

Customers’ Area

Customers area is for the prestigious customers of our knowledge base software. You should have purchased a license of PHPKB knowledge base software in order to access the customers area. In the customer area, you will be able to:

Knowledge Base Customers
  • Download ordered products
  • Download the latest version of the purchased products
  • Upgrade your licenses
  • Extend maintenance (support/updates) subscription to products you own
  • Order installation service and other special services
  • Order new licenses with special discount
  • Check for special offers
  • Check your order history
  • Update licensing information
  • Update your customer profile (Name, Email, Password etc.)
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