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Tools & Settings

Here is a complete list of all the features of PHPKB Knowledge Base Software. If you have any questions about features, please feel free to contact us.

  • Manage Settings - General

    General Settings

  • Manage Settings - Feature

    Feature Settings

  • Manage Settings - Article

    Article Settings

  • Manage Settings - LDAP

    LDAP Settings

  • Manage Settings - Miscellaneous

    Miscellaneous Settings

  • Manage Settings - Google Adsense

    Google Adsense Settings

  • Database Optimization

    Database Optimization

  • Knowledge Base Backup

    Knowledge Base Backup

  • CSV Import

    CSV Import

  • Sitemap Generator

    Sitemap Generator

  • Index Attachments

    Index Attachments

Next Steps

For more information about features, please see the list of features. To know more about product pricing or buy online, please see the pricing page. If you have any questions and would like to speak with one of our sales representatives, please contact us.

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