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PHPKB Owned (Self-Hosted) License

You buy it. You own it. A one-time cost (view prices) and the owned license of PHPKB knowledge base software comes ready for installation on your server. It comes with complete source code and you can modify the source code to suit your own requirements. The source code is not encoded.

Our technicians will help you with all technical issues (if any). The Owned license comes with 12 months of free online support and updates. Please read theĀ system requirements page for more details of the requirements for running PHPKB knowledge base software.

Reasons why the PHPKB's Owned Solution may be right for you

  • You have a web-server and you want to self host the software on your server with full access to the software source code.
  • You need the ability to modify the code to suit your own requirements.
  • You don't prefer to pay monthly or annual subscription.
  • You want to pay a one-time fee for lifetime use of the PHPKB knowledge base software.
  • You want a fast and reliable knowledge base system that can be installed on your server.
  • You want to modify the look and feel to match with your website.

Do you still have any questions?

For questions, send us an email from the contact page, or call at any of the contact numbers given on the contact page.

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