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PHPKB Hosted License (SaaS)

PHPKB SaaS is a service where we host and operate your helpdesk for you, fully managed. Sign up today and have your knowledge base system up and running instantly. If you are looking for a fully-featured, hosted knowledge base platform then you’ll love PHPKB SaaS model. We take care of the hosting, security and backups of your online knowledge base so you can focus on growing your knowledge base. Not to mention, there is free phone support too.

Hosted Knowledge Base SoftwareThe fastest and easiest way to put PHPKB knowledge base software on your site is by signing up with our Hosted Solution (monthly subscription). Using the hosted knowledge base plan, you can have your own online knowledge base, in 48 hours or less! Getting started is faster and easier than ever, and there are no worries! And best of all, you don't even have to know anything about it. We'll look after it all.

Details of Hosted Knowledge Base Software License

We offer fully hosted solutions of PHPKB knowledge management software so you can have an online knowledge base in a few hours and fully working. No downloads required, no software to install. PHPKB knowledge base software is installed on our server for your organization and users, but full administration and access is granted to you and your staff.

How Our Hosted Knowledge Base Software Works?

We'll install the PHPKB knowledge base software on a linux hosting plan. When we're done, we'll send you links and your new support email address information. When you're ready to use the online knowledge base software, just tell your users where to go! You can link to the hosted knowledge base from your website, or give out the URL. Nothing needs to ever change; allow us to continue hosting you. While we host you, you'll always be using the most recent software version.

What if you change your mind?

No problem! There are no penalties. For example, you can purchase the PHPKB knowledge base software outright and we'll sign over the hosting package to you so you can continue with the same hosting and existing knowledge base software installation! Another option would be to purchase the owned license of PHPKB knowledge base software, and request a copy of the whole installation with a new license key so that you can duplicate your previous installation with data and customizations to host it anywhere you want (including your own servers).

Reasons why the PHPKB's Hosted Solution may be right for you

  • You don't have a server.
  • You have a server, but it is not PHP or MySQL enabled.
  • You don't want to worry about server issues.
  • You don't want to worry about bandwidth usage.
  • You want to quickly be online.
  • You don't want to worry about upgrades.
  • You want a fast and reliable knowledge base solution at a monthly subscription model.

The best hosted knowledge base plan online!

Why buy when you can lease? True, there are many web-based knowledge base software programs out there, and some companies offer knowledge management software as a service (SaaS). So, why is our Hosted Knowledge Base Software better than other hosted knowledge management systems? Check out the advantages below.

Fantastic Online Knowledge Base Software

This is a well designed knowledge base software application, that is intended to be used online. You have probably already checked out the features of PHPKB knowledge base software, and tried the online demo. So, you know already this is really great software. As the actual developers, we are the only company offering the PHPKB knowledge base solution, on a hosted pay-per-month basis.

Flexible Online Implementations

This is not one single hosted plan, which is shared by many of our clients! This is your very own hosting plan, with your own private installation of the PHPKB knowledge base software, and your own separate database.

This means:

  • You are not limited to using our domain name for your knowledge base. If you have a preferred domain name that is not already being used, we can use that.
  • You can use an email address of your choice to be used by the knowledge base software.
  • Want your online knowledge base to have header & footer like your website? We can actually duplicate the header/footer from your site, with all the links back to your site. It's actually possible for your users not to realize they've ever left your original site.
  • Many other application wide settings are available that can be unique to your preferences. For example: Enable/Disable Comments on articles, Enable/Diable Ratings etc.
  • Terminology and languages can be changed. All visible language is in one file that you can control. This facility is only available in the multi-language editions.

Data Security & Ownership

When you use our hosted knowledge base service, your data is stored on secure, always-updated, regularly backed-up enterprise-class servers. Customer has ownership rights to all data added/uploaded to the hosted KB site.

Online Security

Your own hosted plan means that you can put the whole knowledge management software solution behind a secure server (SSL) if desired, you could even use your own certificate. And, you have your own database, not one shared by other users.


Your knowledge base data can be exported in SQL format via the application. But since you have your own database, you can get actual backups too. No worries about losing the valuable knowledge base that you've built up, even if you no longer want the knowledge base management software to be hosted for you!

Future Upgrades

As long as you remain hosted with us, we'll upgrade your knowledge base software to the newest version releases.

Dedicated Customer Service

Support (by the actual developer, not just a forum) is included with your hosted knowledge base license. For even faster support or if you have many support reps that will need support, different levels of support contracts are also available. We develop the software ourselves, so we can answer all of your questions.

Customization Service

Customization services are not included in your hosting license price. However, we can provide a quote and timeline for customization services. We can help you duplicate your site header/footer. We offer implementation services and data transfer services. Need features that aren't there yet? We may be able to help. Just let us know.

How Can I Get My Hosted Knowledge Management Software License?

  1. Select the version and edition that you'd like to buy from Secure Order Page, specify the desired sub-domain of your choice and make the payment to complete the order.
  2. Relax while we handle all the technical details of getting the knowledge base software online for you.
  3. URLs will be provided for you to use your new hosted knowledge base software along with the login details of administrator account.
  4. And help is just an email or service ticket away.

Benefits of Hosted License over Purchased Licese

Benefits of Hosted PHPKB Knowledge Base Software

  • Fastest & easiest way to get started.
  • No system requirements, will work with any browser.
  • No server or hosting plan required.
  • No security threats by putting your server online.
  • No expensive supporting software required.
  • No technical skills required.
  • No large initial investment.
  • No long-term commitment.
  • Disk space and bandwidth of your hosted knowledge base are not limited.
  • Additional customer service, support and upgrades are included.
  • No worries!

Benefits of Purchased (Owned) PHPKB Knowledge Base License

  • License is owned, not leased.
  • One time purchase, with no recurring fees.
  • Data can be kept entirely in-house. (Not remotely hosted.)
  • Source code provided.
What makes our SaaS model unique?

Hosted solutions often impose many hidden and unexpected costs. These include bandwidth limitations, protracted implementation, higher failure rates and extensive hardware, operating system and maintenance costs however this is not the case with PHPKB Knowledge Base Software's hosted license. PHPKB's monthly subscription incorporates everything you need, including technical support, ongoing seamless upgrades and the highest level of security. As a PHPKB hosted license customer, you will be using the same platform, which has already been tested and verified by many companies. Leave it to us! PHPKB knowledge base software runs on our server as a service for you with the Monthly Hosted License Plan.

Can I cancel anytime?

You can cancel your hosted knowledgebase subscription at any time. You will have access to hosted knowledgebase until the day your next subscription payment was due to be billed. For example, if you cancel your monthly subscription 23 days before the next payment, you will still have access for another 23 days. If you cancel your annual subscription three months before your payment is due, you will still get access for another three months. We do not refund cancelled subscriptions.

Do you still have any questions?

For questions, send us an email from the contact page, or call at any of the contact numbers given on the contact page.

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