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PHPKB Knowledge Base Software

PHPKB is an open source knowledge base software that can be pretty much anything you want it to be. Use it to share knowledge with others. Publish and manage articles, white papers, user manuals, business processes, FAQs, online help, APIs and any other type of information. PHPKB Knowledge Base Software provides the tools to capture and share knowledge as well as to manage the whole knowledge management cycle. It is the fastest, smartest way to share and manage your knowledge base content. All your users would need to access your information is a standard web browser and an Internet connection.

PHPKB is a knowledge base software that allows you to easily create & manage knowledge base content so that you can run a complete knowledge base system with unlimited categories and sub-categories. User Features includes Browse Categories (browse titles and descriptions), Search Articles (search by keyword and/or category), View articles by Most Popular, Most Viewed, Latest 10 Articles, Main Featured Articles, Print Article and Options like Email Article To Friend, Save Article to Favorites, Export Article to PDF and MS Word Formats, Talk about article by adding your comments, Rate Articles etc. With hundreds of options, PHPKB is a complete knowledge management software that is easy to install and customize.

Technologies Used

PHPKB knowledge base software is built using industry-standard technologies PHP and MySQL. Optimized programming code allows users to achieve the best performance and build knowledge base that can easily handle over 10,000 articles. Design architecture of PHPKB is based on CSS styles that makes it very simple to change the look-and-feel of the front-end to match with your website layout.

Open Source Knowledge Management Software

PHPKB is a knowledge management software that has been designed to provide a complete knowledge management solution for your business. It is developed in PHP with MySQL database at the back-end and comes with full source code that is not encrypted and/or encoded. The source code is fully commented and you can modify it according to your requirements however you must agree to the terms and conditions of the License Agreement. You can use it as a stand alone knowledge base system or within your Help Desk, CRM System, Call Center, Service Center or within Company Intranet, to help provide quick, accurate answers to your staff, customers, visitors and business clients for their queries regarding your products and/or services. Allow your customers/visitors/staff and business clients access to the answers of frequently asked questions via self-help manner in a straightforward way by giving them 24x7 access to the online knowledge base without the need to talk to your support staff. This way you can reduce your customer support time and utilize your staff's precious time in other productive activities of the company.

How it is beneficial to your online business?

Reduce your staffing levels as a result, or take on more customers and clients with the same number of staff. For a summary of these benefits, click here. Here is how you can utilize PHPKB knowledge base software in your business environment. You can use it:

  1. as a pre-sales tool, answering questions about your products for your potential customers.
  2. to provide training for new staff to ensure they get the same information time and time again.
  3. as a reference knowledge base for your call center staff to assist them in helping the customers with their problems.

Alternative Uses of PHPKB

As an open source knowledge base software, PHPKB can be used as any of the following systems:

  • Knowledge Management Software
  • Customer Support Help Desk Software
  • FAQ Manager Software
  • Article Directory Software
  • News Publishing Software
  • Tutorial Management Software
  • Learning Management Software
  • Press Release Software
  • Content Management Software
  • A better alternative to Sharepoint and Enterprise Wiki Systems

All of the above mentioned systems can have the multi-language support provided they are based on the multi-language edition of PHPKB knowledge base software.

Learn more by exploring PHPKB's benefits or features. Want to see PHPKB in action? Check out the screenshots or try a free demo.

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