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Powerful WYSIWYG Editor For Knowledge Authoring

The built-in powerful WYSIWYG ("What You See Is What You Get") HTML Editor allows you to quickly create and edit your knowledge base articles as if you were using a word processor or HTML Editor. PHPKB Knowledge Base Software uses the most powerful WYSIWYG HTML Editor that provides advanced editing facilities designed to create and publish knowledge base content. "Advanced" doesn't mean complicated. All dialogs provide you with an easy to use interface.


What makes it so special as compared to other WYSIWYG Editors?

There are many other WYSIWYG editors that try to achieve almost all the heavy functions of a Word Processor. This results in a complicated interface that loads slowly and requires long loading time. The WYSIWYG Editor used in PHPKB Knowledge Base Software has been designed specifically for the web by keeping it simple and quick to load, while being powerful enough to create stylish content.

The WYSIWYG Editor provides essential HTML editing functionalities with total control of the styles. It is a cross-browser, 100% javascript based HTML editor that provide a full-featured word processor for authoring and publishing your knowledge base content and produces 100% valid XHTML code for your knowledge base articles.

Re-Use Content from Microsoft Word

There is no need to re-type existing content. Using the "Paste from Word" button on WYSIWYG Editor, you can easily re-use content from existing documents, reports, articles and guides created in Microsoft Word. Content from Microsoft word is stripped of unnecessary Word-related tags, and looks identical to how it did in Microsoft Word.

Convenient Editing Environment For Authoring Knowledge Base Content

  • Fast loading.
  • Features a new tabbed toolbar
    - familiar to Office 2007 users.
    - providing convenient access to your most-used tools.
  • It's easy to select any HTML elements (text, paragraphs, images, etc) with a built-in Tag Selector.
  • Fullscreen editing mode (doesn't open a new window).
  • Floating dialogs for special editing (changes can be seen immediately).
  • Realtime toolbar status.
  • Dropdowns with formatting preview.
  • View HTML source with code formatting & coloring.

WYSIWYG Editor Features

CSS Styles-based Formatting

  • Complex selection, Generates clean <span> tags for text formatting (no deprecated HTML tags).
    Average WYSIWYG Editors use: WYSIWYG Editor in PHPKB uses:
    <font face="Tahoma" color="#008000">
    u>Text Here</u>
    <span style="COLOR: #008000; FONT-FAMILY: Tahoma;
    TEXT-DECORATION: underline">
    Text Here</span>
  • Easy to apply style to any HTML elements (using Tag Selector). You're not limited to formatting just selected text or selectable objects.
  • Advanced Editing Dialogs: 
    • Text Formatting dialog
    • Paragraph Formatting dialog
    • List Formatting dialog
    • Box Formatting dialog
    • Table/Cell editing dialogs
    All provide you with rich style control to define font, background, border, margin, etc. And with its custom CSS dialog & predefined Style Selector, you can do almost anything to the content. (predefined styles can be from external css file or direct configuration)

WYSIWYG Authoring

Preview/Edit HTML Source with Code Formatting & Coloring

The powerful WYSIWYG Editor of PHPKB Knowledge Base Software allows you to preview/edit HTML Source with code formatting & coloring. If you're using IE, the Source Editor will also locate the cursor/selection based on the current selected tag in the WYSIWYG view (many competing products will usually locate the cursor at the very beginning of the text).

WYSIWYG HTML Source Editor

Built-in Tag Selector

The WYSIWYG Editor allows you to easily select any HTML elements (text, paragraph, images, etc.) with a built-in tag selector (see screenshot below). After selecting an HTML element you can then apply formatting, remove its styles, or even delete the element.

WYSIWYG Tag Selector

Quick Color Selection & Advanced Color Picker

The Advanced Color Picker in WYSIWYG Editor of PHPKB Knowledge Base Software has prebuilt web color palette, HTML colors & a composition of 216 web-safe colors which are constructed in a smooth transition between each color. This will help users to find a wide selection of effective color combinations. Other features include: HEX & RGB input/preview, and the ability to specify custom colors.

WYSIWYG Color Picker

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