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News & Announcements

Keep your customers satisfied and informed through simple yet powerful News & Announcements Management system of PHPKB knowledge base software. This is a very useful feature to publish news and announcements about products and services to target audiences. Your news will appear at top of the screen when browsing the knowledge base. This area is typically used for general, company wide news. (Announcements, press releases, awards, etc.)

Published news and annoucements are displayed on the homepage of your knowledge base as shown below. You have the option to change the number of news items (from settings page in admin section) to be displayed on the knowledge base home.

Knowledge Base News Annoucements

News Management

The admin area of PHPKB knowledge base software is fully equipped with a news management module that allows you to create and manage news and annoucements with the powerful WYSIWYG editor.

News Management System

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