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Mobile-Friendly Knowledge Base Software

The web is no longer prohibited by desktop and laptop computers. With exponentially growing numbers users surfing the web with handheld devices we've ensured that PHPKB is optimized whether you're viewing it on your 27" iMac or your iPhone 4. PHPKB knowledge base software can auto-detect if your end-users are visiting the knowledge base from their iPhone, iPad or BlackBerry device and offer them with a mobile-optimized version of your knowledge base.

Mobile Devices

Benefits of Mobile-Friendly Knowledge Base Software

The mobile market is growing rapidly with touch-screen smart phones and tablet devices. Now is the time to unlock the growing potential of mobile market. You can also join the mobile revolution and easily increase level of customer service by offering your users with a mobile-friendly version of your knowledge base. The 'mobile device detection' feature of PHPKB knowledge base software automatically detects if the user is viewng the knowledge base from a mobile device and redirects the user to the mobile-optimized version of the knowledge base.

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