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Instant Article Suggestions

This is an extremely useful feature of PHPKB Knowledge Base Software as it reduces the online enquiries with automatic answers to common questions. The 'Instant Suggestions' system analyzes user input and finds the most accurate answers to his question from the knowledge base. Your users can get instant answers to questions that they would normally send you via email. The 'Instant Suggestions' system works as a middle man between you & the users, and reduces the number of emails that are sent through the contact form on your knowledge base.

Have a look at the illustration below to see how the 'Instant Suggestions' feature work in PHPKB Knowledge Base Software.

Instant Suggestions

Here's How It Works

  1. Some user wants to ask a question, so he/she clicks on 'Ask Question' link and fills out the contact form of your knowledge base.
  2. The 'Instant Suggestions' technology searches your knowledge base (in real-time) for articles that match the question being asked by the user. The most relevant articles that are found, are displayed in the list of suggestions to the user. The search for 'Instant Suggestions' is carried out on the same page without refreshing (using AJAX) the page. At this point, the user can click on any of the suggested articles to read them and see if they answer his/her question.
  3. If the user doesn't find any of the suggested articles useful, he/she can click 'Submit' button to send an email to you containing their question or comment. This question will also be saved in your control panel as an 'Open Ticket', which you can reply back to and/or publish to your knowledge base as an article.
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