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Full-Text Knowledge Base Search

Most knowledge base software applications have a search function of some kind. But often the results don't have much relevance to the search keywords. PHPKB knowledge base software has an incredibly fast & accurate search engine that provides full search capabilities to knowledge base users. It searches among categories, articles, news, attachment files, and custom fields. All searches in your knowledge base run on MySQL's full-text search system, which provides extremely fast and incredibly accurate search results. Each article in the search results is ranked based on its relevance i.e. most relevant articles are displayed at the top of search results. Words from the search query are highlighted in the search results.

Powerful Enough to Search Thousands of Articles

The powerful search capabilities of PHPKB knowledge base software makes it able to handle large amounts of data. PHPKB is fully optimized to search tens of thousands of articles and display the set of search results ranked by relevance. The database in which the knowledge base articles are saved is optimized using indexes, relationships and appropriate field lengths that makes data retrieval (especially during searching) as fast as possible.

Knowledge Base Search

Knowledge Base Search

Search Pagination: When there are too many search results to display on a single page, it becomes necessary to separate the results into a sequence of pages. PHPKB knowledge base software uses paging system to display search results ranked by their relevance to the search keywords. The number of search results to be displayed in a page can be configured from the settings in admin control panel.

Advanced Search

You can use the advanced search to filter/refine the search results according to your choice.

Advanced Knowledge Base Search

Saved Searches

All searches (both successful and failed) are saved in the system along with the keywords used for searching. The main benefit of storing searches is to get an idea of what users are searching for in your knowledge base. You can see what keywords are bringing successful search results and which of the search keywords are not bringing any results in your knowledge base. There is a special section in the admin control panel where you can see the report of both successful and failed searches.

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