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Knowledge Base Subscription System

PHPKB comes loaded with a powerful subscription system that allows your knowledge base users to subscribe to selected articles or entire knowledge base to receive email notifications whenever changes are made to the subscribed article or whenever new articles are added to the knowledgebase. This is a very useful feature for end-users to be notified about changes in your knowledge base. The subscription system in PHPKB knowledge base software offers two types of subscriptions.

  • Article Subscription (to receive notification whenever an article is updated)
  • Knowledge Base Subscription (to receive notification of new articles in the knowledge base)

Whenever a person subscribes to receive notification of updates made to an individual article or for new articles in the knowledgebase, he/she is requested to verify his/her email address via an email verification system where an email is sent to the user with activate link. He/she is required to active his/her subscription by clicking on the activation link. Once the email address is verified, the subscription is activated and they are notified based on their subscription type.

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