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Knowledge Base Software Features

PHPKB knowledge base software makes publishing, sharing and collaborating on knowledge easy. We are sure that you will find everything you expect from this knowledge management software. Our knowledge base software includes all the features & tools you need to setup an intuitive and useful knowledge base. PHPKB offers enterprise class features with the pricing that can fit a small business budget. Managing a comprehensive knowledge base has never been easier. Using a large array of features, a few of which are highlighted below, you keep costs down while keeping productivity up.

Click on a feature below to learn more about it. If you require a particular feature and cannot find it listed below, please contact us. If you miss any feature, you can always request it. If a feature is requested that seems useful to a lot of people, it will most likely be included in the next update of our knowledge base software.

Browser-based Interface

As built from the ground up as a browser based application, users are not required to install any special software on their workstations.

Mobile-Friendly Knowledge Base Software

The mobile market is growing rapidly with touch-screen smart phones and tablet devices. Now is the time to unlock the growing potential of mobile market. You can also join the mobile revolution and easily increase level of customer service by offering your users with a mobile-friendly version of your knowledge base. PHPKB knowledge base software can auto-detect if your end-users are visiting the knowledge base from their iPhone, iPad or BlackBerry device and offer them with a mobile-optimized version of your knowledge base. Read More

Powerful Knowledge Base System

The knowledge base functionality gives a comprehensive, searchable database of common customer submitted issues and customer support requests and resolutions. The knowledge base is a self-serve service, meaning that it gives the customer the opportunity to solve their own issues easily while not engaging and tying up your technician’s time. Knowledge bases also include frequently asked questions.

Single Knowledge Base System For Both Internal & External Users

A web-based knowledge base system is undoubtedly useful for your internal and external clients. With the use of public and private categories, PHPKB knowledge base software allows you to setup a public (external) as well as a private (internal) knowledge base and that too with a single copy of the software. While the external knowledge base serves your customers and public users, the internal knowledge base is a great tool for your customer service technicians (internal staff) too! Perhaps even more so, since your customer service personnel (special users) have access to not only the publicly visible issues but the private ones too. You never know if the internal knowledge base becomes a lot bigger than your public knowledgebase.

Control Over Document Lifecycle

An expiry date can be set for knowledgebase articles to control their lifecycle. This feature is particularly useful in situations where an article has temporary life say 1 week or 1 month. The article automatically stops appearing in the list of published articles when the expiry date is over. You can use this feature to show time-sensitive knowledge base items.

Document Versioning (Version Control)

Versions of your articles will automatically be saved as you edit articles. This allows you to view past versions and revert to older versions if needed. If an article is edited it is automatically saved as a new version. The version control contributes to collaborative editing so many people can work together to create and refine a knowledge base entry. Read More

Multi-Language Support

Multi-Language SupportPHPKB offers multilingual knowledge management, including translations and multi-language searching. The Multi-Language Edition of PHPKB knowledge base software allows you to setup your knowledge base in multiple languages (including those with multibyte characters) with the ability to create and manage language files in admin area. PHPKB multi-language edition offers you the facility to create new language files, manage existing languages, edit language variables, save them, create language translators, assign translators to selected language(s), manage translator accounts etc. Multi-Language edition has the support for automatic detection of end-user's system language so that the knowledge base content can be displayed in the auto-detected language. The multilingual edition comes with English Language File by default, however you have the facility to create other language files of your choice and translate the language file's content from the admin panel of our knowledge base software. Knowledge base users can select a language of their choice from the language drop-down menu. It's not the user interface multilingual only, but knowledge base data, too. Read More

LDAP Integration, Authentication & Synchronization

The Enterprise Edition of PHPKB Knowledge Base Software provides seamless integration with LDAP for single sign on (SSO) support. This allows you to integrate users and groups from Microsoft Active Directory, Novell eDirectory, etc. and synchronize them with user-groups of PHPKB knowledge base software. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) or Active Directory integration gives you to ability to use the knowledge base system in order to authenticate and synchronize the user accounts for single sign on support. As well as integration, user account details can be synced and LDAP groups can be mapped with PHPKB's User-Groups for role-based permissions. LDAP integration is configured from the settings page in the admin control panel. Read More

Full Source Code Available

Have access to the full source code! No encrypted files means that you can modify all PHP files and customize the knowledge base software as needed.

Glossary Management & Autolinking

PHPKB software offers a fully-featured glossary management facility where you can create and manage the list of glossary terms along with their definitions. Glossary Autolinking is a feature of PHPKB knowledge base software where links are automatically created from a word in article content to its glossary definition. Linked terms (glossary words) appear with a highlighted background. The automatic link feature will only work if your KB administrator has enabled it for your knowledge base. The best way to understand auto-linking is to see it in action. Assuming auto-link glossary feature is enabled on your knowledge base, you will notice that an autolink back to the glossary definition will be created wherever the glossary term appear in the article body. If you click on that link, a tool-tip is displayed that indicates the link is to a glossary entry.

Instant Article Suggestions

You shouldn't have to answer the same thing over and over. The 'Instant Article Suggestions' technology helps your customers before they fire off an email to you. One of the biggest burdens of any customer support help desk is repeated issue reports. PHPKB Knowledge Base Software has been designed to encourage users to search your knowledgebase (self-service) thoroughly before reporting any issues. Usually, customers skip searching the knowledgebase before raising a support query. The 'Instant Question Suggestions' technology of PHPKB knowledge base software provides instant knowledgebase suggestions as your customer drafts their inquiry. Tickets are added via an intuitive front-end form while customers are encouraged all along to thoroughly search the knowledgebase to avoid duplicate issue reports.

Security Features of PHPKB Knowledge Base Software

PHPKB knowledge base software is equipped with all the important security features that a web-based CMS should offer. Security measures such as validating input, escaping input and output, XSS protection, SQL injection prevention etc. are all present by default in all editions of PHPKB software. Apart from them, there are features like draft history and article revisions so that you can rollback if something goes wrong. Passwords are stored in encrypted form using industry standard encryption standard and there is no way to decrypt or recover them. So, if someone forgets the password of their account, the system has to reset it with a new password.

When Self-Service isn't Enough

Sometimes, clients won't find their answer in the knowledge base. Maybe the need is too unique or the answer just isn't there yet. In some cases customers won't read your self-help articles, and will simply email you with their question. In any case, Clients can also submit their questions via 'Ask Question' form of this software. If they go through the online form, they will be presented with a list of articles that may be of help. Client queries are submitted both by email and as an automatic ticket. With so many contact options available, your call volume should decrease dramatically.

Ticketing Support

PHPKB knowledge base software allows your customers to easily submit support tickets. Your staff (admin users) can effectively manage customer tickets through the Admin Control Panel. Once a resolution is found for support incidents, staff members (editors and superusers) can optionally publish the ticket to your knowledgebase as an article to assist others in the future. The 'Instant Suggestions' feature will search your knowledgebase articles for suggested solutions as your customers are composing new support tickets. This helps customers find a solution if one exists within your knowledgebase without having to contact support. This prevents duplicate questions & helps reduces your inbound support.

Convert Tickets to Knowledge Base Articles

Easily convert resolved tickets to knowledge base articles. Once a ticket has been resolved you need an easy way to convert it's contents into a knowledge base article right? With the click of a link you can pass the ticket data to the 'create new article' panel within PHPKB for publishing to the knowledge base. Convenient!

Very Easy to Install

Got 5 minutes - got less? That’s all you’ll need to get things moving - and you don’t need to be a tech head either!

Detailed Statistics & Reports

Detailed reporting center that provides overall performance statistics of your knowledge base. Read More

Custom Fields

Create, assign, filter and search unlimited custom data fields for knowledge items. Increase depth of knowledge organization and filtration with searchable custom fields.

User Groups

You can create groups of knowledgebase users so that they can access the knowledge content assigned to their user-group. You can set flexible group-based category permissions for granular control over your entire knowledgebase. Read More

Easy To Customize

PHPKB knowledge base software can be very easily customized to match with your website's look and feel. You can very easily fine tune front-end knowledgebase look and options.

Powerful WYSIWYG Editor


Adding & editing knowledge base content is very easy with our WYSIWYG editor. Quickly create stunning documents. The built-in powerful WYSIWYG ("What you see is what you get") Editor allows you to quickly create and edit your knowledge base articles/documents as if you were using a word processor or HTML editor. No HTML or coding experience is needed. The WYSIWYG editor used in PHPKB knowledge base software provides advanced editing facilities that are designed to create stylish content. "Advanced" doesn't mean complicated. All dialogs provide you with an easy to use interface. Read More

Backup Facility

Backup your entire knowledge base content (categories, articles, news, configuration settings, attached files and documents) in just a few clicks from the admin control panel.

Meta Tags

You can specify Meta tags (both description and keywords) for articles to improve ranking and search results of your knowledge base.

Search Engine Friendly Links

SEO friendly URLs improve search engine rankings for knowledgebase items (articles, categories, news etc.). With PHPKB knowledge base software in place, there is no need to pay more for your search engine optimization needs. Human-readable URLs, validated XHTML code, meta keywords and description tags, and many more SEO features are present in the very core of the PHPKB knowledge base system.

File Attachments & Search

Enhance your knowledge base by adding file attachments to articles. It is also possible to search within the content of attached documents (in DOC, PDF, DOCX, TXT, HTML, XML, CSV, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX formats).

Save As Draft

You can create saved drafts of incomplete articles so that you can complete and publish them at a later date.

Featured Articles

With the featured articles display you can choose to feature your favorite articles on the knowledgebase homepage.

Article Rating and Feedback Comments

Customers can contribute content to knowledgebase articles by adding their own comments and rating for items they found helpful and which ones they did not. This way, users can help other knowledge base users/customers by building a community. Knowledge base articles can be voted upon based on their usefulness to the user.

Unlimited Categories & Sub-categories

Create a category and attach sub-categories to a parent category. An unlimited amount of categories and sub-categories can be created. There are options to edit/delete/hide/show categories of your choice. Our knowledge base software allows sorting of created categories and sub-categories either on the base on priority field or in alphabetic order.

Private Categories (For Protected Content)

Protected categories can only be viewed when the user is logged in from a member's area which is separate from the administrator login.

Articles Management

  • Create a question/article and assign to one or more categories.
  • User built-in powerful WYSIWYG Editor to author rich knowledge base articles.
  • Allow files/documents to be attached to the question/article.
  • Allow keywords to be tagged to the question/article created.
  • Edit / delete / hide / show articles of your choice.

Article Collaboration

PHPKB software lets you collaborate with your team members to share opinions, ideas for improvement, general notes or other important details about articles. You can communicate with your admin users (writers, editors and super-users) and manage private information about an article with notes. Think of notes like a messaging system, but one which is only accessible by your own team.

Review & Approve Questions Submitted By End-Users

Your end-users can submit their questions in the form of a ticket from the 'Ask A Question' page of PHPKB knowledge base software. The admin users (editors and superusers) have the facility to view the submitted questions (open tickets), reply back with an answer to the end-user and publish the question-answer as a new article in the knowledge base so that future users need not to submit the same question again. This way, admin users have the ability to Approve / Reject / Delete / Edit questions submitted by the knowledge base visitor.

Trash Box (With Ability To Recover Deleted Articles)

  • Deleted questions are moved to this section.
  • Administrator has the option to Restore and Purge content in this section.

RSS Feeds

Allow visitors to get the latest content updates from the knowledgebase.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

PHPKB knowledge base software is fully cross-browser compatible and produces W3C valid XHTML content, which means your users can access the knowledge base from any web browser of their choice. It doesn't matter if you're using Mozilla, MSIE, FireFox, Opera, Safari or Google Chrome. No matter which web browser you're using, it's always the same.

Search Engine & Search Keyword Detection

PHPKB knowledge base software comes loaded with the facility to detect if an article referrer URL is from a search engine and extract the search keyword from it. It will present the data in a nicely formatted report that provides the Search Engine Name, Search Keyword Used and the date & time of referral.

Social Media Integration

Social Media ButtonsAdding share buttons for popular social networking and bookmarking sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg and LinkedIn to your knowledge base. This will allow your knowledge base users to quickly share your content with their friends and followers on popular social networks. This can generate additional traffic to your knowledge base and enhance your site's SEO.

Easy On Your Wallet

How much is low-quality customer service really costing you? Are your customers happy with the current level of support you are offering them? Are your website visitors leaving your site and purchasing from your competitors just because they are unable to find the answers to their questions about your products and services? We go as low as $285 for a single admin user license of PHPKB knowledge base software. Now, Every business can afford a world-class knowledge management system. Read More

Easy To Delight

Keep your customers, prospects and visitors riveted when your knowledge base content is delivered fast, smooth and hiccup-free with PHPKB knowledge base software.

Full Documentation

You can find detailed installation and setup instructions for our knowledge base software on our support page.

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