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Comparison of PHPKB Editions

Compare the different editions of PHPKB knowledge base software below to find the one that best suits your requirements. If you have any questions about features, please feel free to contact us.

Starts from
Starts from
Free Technical Support Period   12 Months 12 Months  
User Accounts        
Maximum End User Accounts   Unlimited Unlimited  
Admin User Accounts   1 to Unlimited 1 to Unlimited  
Admin Groups   Unlimited Unlimited  
Group-based Access to Categories for Admin Users   yes yes  
Users Can Modify Own Profile   yes yes  
User Groups   Unlimited Unlimited  
Group-based User Permissions   yes yes  
Assign Users to Multiple User-Groups   Unlimited Unlimited  
Active/Inactive Users   yes yes  
Group-based Access to Private Categories   Unlimited Unlimited  
Group-based Access to Private Articles   yes yes  
Group Permissions' Inheritance   yes yes  
Whitelisted Members   yes yes  
Databases Supported        
Microsoft SQL Server Support   no yes  
MySQL Support   yes yes  
General Features        
Completely Web-based KB System   yes yes  
Cross Browser Compatibility   yes yes  
UTF-8 Support   yes yes  
Multi-Language Support (in ML Edition only)   yes yes  
Installation Wizard   yes yes  
User Friendly Interface   yes yes  
Secure Online Ordering   yes yes  
Web API   no yes  
Files & Downloads Area   no yes  
Event Log   no yes  
Country-Wise Traffic Statistics   no yes  
Users can Manage KB Subscriptions   no yes  
Single Sign-On (SSO) Facility   yes yes  
Email Harvesting   yes yes  
Ticket History for End Users   no yes  
News Expiry Date   yes yes  
User Interface   yes yes  
Restricted Access to Knowledge base   yes yes  
IP Address Based Restriction   no yes  
Fixed Layout (900px)   yes yes  
Fluid Layout (100%)   yes yes  
Home Page Layout Choices   3 3  
Category Tree View   yes yes  
Lazy Loading of Articles in Tree View (Ajax)   yes yes  
Tabbed View for Article Sections   yes yes  
Article Page Layout Choices   2 2  
LDAP Integration & Authentication        
Microsoft Active Directory   yes yes  
Novell eDirectory   yes yes  
Posix Account RFC2307   yes yes  
Posix Account RFC2307BIS   yes yes  
Samba Account   yes yes  
Others   yes yes  
Map LDAP Groups with PHPKB User-Groups   yes yes  
Sync Account Details   no yes  
Unlimited Categories & Sub-Categories   yes yes  
Public Categories for External Users   yes yes  
Private Categories for Special Users (Group-based Access)   yes yes  
Category Priority System for Sorting Categories   yes yes  
Category Icons   no yes  
Category Subscription   yes yes  
Converting Private Categories to Public & Vice-a-versa   yes yes  
Unlimited Articles   yes yes  
WYSIWYG Editor for Authoring Articles   yes yes  
Syntax Highlighter Tool in WYSIWYG Editor   yes yes  
Insert PDF in WYSIWYG Editor   yes yes  
Article Linking   yes yes  
Article Templates   yes yes  
Article Custom Fields   yes yes  
Article Versions History   yes yes  
Rollback to Previous Article Versions   yes yes  
Trash Box for Deleted Articles   yes yes  
Deleted Articles Recovery   yes yes  
Article Assignment to Multiple Categories   yes yes  
Related Articles   yes yes  
Favourite Articles   yes yes  
Recently Viewed Articles   yes yes  
Article Meta Keywords   yes yes  
Article Meta Description   yes yes  
Unlimited Article File Attachments   yes yes  
Show/Hide Articles   yes yes  
Featured Articles   yes yes  
Saved Drafts for Unfinished Articles   yes yes  
Article Subscription   yes yes  
Enable/Disable Comments for Individual Articles   yes yes  
Enable/Disable Rating for Individual Articles   yes yes  
Article Expiry Date   yes yes  
Remove Expiry Date   yes yes  
Article Publish Date   yes yes  
Article Change Log   yes yes  
Compare Article Versions   no yes  
Lock Articles for Further Changes   no yes  
Set Custom Article Display Order   no yes  
Dynamic Columns on Manage Articles Section   no yes  
Protected Articles Under Public Categories   no yes  
Country-Wise Article Traffic Report   no yes  
Article Review Date for Periodic Review   no yes  
Article Event Log   no yes  
Article Autosaving (at specified time interval)   yes yes  
Number of Custom Fields   Unlimited Unlimited  
Search in Custom Fields   yes yes  
Required Custom Fields (Mandatory Input)   yes yes  
Custom Field Types        
Text Field   yes yes  
Drop-down Select Menu   yes yes  
Checkboxes (Multi-Selection)   yes yes  
Enable/Disable Article Comments   yes yes  
Comments Moderation   yes yes  
Auto-approve Comments   yes yes  
Anti-bot CAPTCHA Protection   yes yes  
Enable/Disable Article Ratings   yes yes  
Search Engine Referrals   yes yes  
Knowledge Base Traffic Statistics   yes yes  
Article Statistics        
Articles Summary Report   yes yes  
Most Popular Articles   yes yes  
Most Discussed Articles (with comments)   yes yes  
Most Shared Articles (via email to friend)   yes yes  
Most Printed Articles   yes yes  
Top Rated Articles   yes yes  
Monthly Report (New & Updated Articles)   yes yes  
Category Statistics        
Categories Summary Report   yes yes  
Most Popular Categories   yes yes  
Empty Categories (with no articles)   yes yes  
Search Statistics        
Search Summary   yes yes  
Popular Search Queries   yes yes  
Failed Search Queries   yes yes  
User Statistics        
Knowledge Base Users Summary   yes yes  
Most Popular Authors   yes yes  
Most Contributing Authors   yes yes  
Most Active Users   yes yes  
SEO Friendly URLs   yes yes  
User Friendly URLs   yes yes  
Sitemap Generation (XML, HTML & TXT Formats)   yes yes  
Store Backup on Server   yes yes  
Download Backup Files   yes yes  
Manual Backup   yes yes  
Backup Configuration Settings   yes yes  
Backup Selective Database Tables   yes yes  
Backup Knowledge Base Assets   yes yes  
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