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Before You Select Another Knowledge Base Software

ChecklistHere is a list of facts to consider before buying a knowledge base software other than PHPKB. So, before you decide to select some other knowledge base system, please make sure to check if it really stands in comparison to PHPKB and it offers the following benefits and features.

  1. Multilanguage Support with the ability to setup your knowledge base in multiple languages. PHPKB was the first knowledge base software to offer this feature in year 2006.
  2. Does it offer the ability to create as many languages as you need from the admin control panel? Does it offer the facility to modify the language file’s content from within the admin control panel in an easy to use manner?
  3. Trash box for deleted articles with the ability to restore them. PHPKB was the first knowledge base software to offer this facility in year 2005.
  4. Does it produce valid XHTML code for your knowledge base articles?
  5. Do they offer customization service to modify the look and feel of their knowledge base software to match with your website’s design and color scheme? We have been offering the customization service to all our customers since 2005. You can even have a look at some of the customized copies of PHPKB knowledge base software.
  6. Do they provide free updates and upgrades for 12 months from the date of purchase?
  7. Do they offer money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with your purchase of their knowledge base software?
  8. How much do they charge for unlimited number of admin users? Now, compare that with the cost of unlimited admin users' license of PHPKB knowledge base software. You would immediately realize how much it would cost you to upgrade for unlimited admin users at a later time with their software.
  9. How much do they charge for annual support & maintenance subscription once the free period is over? Our support & maintenance subscription is completely optional and our customers are not under any obligation to renew it once the free support period is over. Even if they decide to renew, we charge only $75 for another year of free support (without updates) and $135 with updates. No other knowledge base software vendor charges so low for 1 full year of support subscription & updates.
  10. Does it offer the ability for admin (staff) users to collaborate on articles to discuss ideas for further improvement?
  11. Do they offer an open online demo of their knowledge base software for general public? We are not talking here of private online demo. Offering an online demo that is open to general public is a proof of the security of our knowledge base software. We have intentionally left the online demo open to general public (including the hackers) with a strong confidence that our software can handle all security attacks. So, would you trust any other knowledge base software and compromise your server’s security?
  12. Does it offer detailed KB statistics and reports? Does it provide knowledge base analytics (for your choice of time period) where you can know:
    • Which of your articles are being viewed the most?
    • Who are the referrers to those articles?
    • How do people arrive to your knowledgebase from search engines and using which search keywords?
    • How much search traffic you are receiving from Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines?
  13. Does it offer the facility of client accounts (KB Members) from the very basic edition? PHPKB knowledge base software allows you to create unlimited client accounts (KB Members) even if you are buying a single admin user license.
  14. Does it offer the facility for your knowledge base users to subscribe to entire knowledge base so that they can receive email notification as soon as new articles are published to the knowledge base?
  15. Does it offer the facility to generate complete as well as selective SQL backup of your knowledge base as a compressed zip file with the ability to backup all attached files, assets, language files and configuration settings? If not, would you trust such a knowledge base software that leaves you helpless in the event of data loss or a disk failure?
  16. Does it offer the ability to protect your intellectual property i.e. knowledge base content from being copied by users? PHPKB knowledge base software has been offering this facility to help our customers protect their intellectual property (KB Article Content) since 2005.
  17. Does it offer the facility to disable comments and rating sections for a particular article?
  18. Does it offer the facility to add custom fields to the contact page of your knowledge base?
  19. Do they offer free installation service of their knowledge base software on your server?

Get The Best Knowledge Base Software

PHPKB Knowledge Base Software offers all of the features mentioned above. We are quite sure that you won't be able to find any other knowledge base software that is as feature-rich, secure and user-friendly as PHPKB and that too at a price you can easily afford.

Make A Smart Move

After considering all the above facts, a wise person would immediately make a smart move and order PHPKB knowledge base software. Improved navigation, plenty of hints, solid and intuitive user interface turns working with this application very easy even for beginners.

Next Steps

For more information about the features of our knowledge base software, please see the list of features. To know more about product pricing or buy our knowledge base software online, please see the pricing page. If you have any questions and would like to speak with one of our expert sales representatives, please contact us.

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